Then and Now

At the 2017 Hornsea Carnival we included in our display some historical photos of Hornsea  alongside some current views of the same area. Many visitors were fascinated to compare changes which had occurred over the years and things which looked the same today.

We thought is would be great fun to produce a series of comparative photos of key areas of Hornsea and these we are calling Then and Now. Over the course of the next few months, the Hornsea and District Civic Society’s official photographer, Vanda Miller will be out and about capturing views for use in the Then and Now series.

We are keen to accept guest  photographers too.

If you have an old photo of where you live or of something which particularly interests you and are able to take a photo, from the same vantage point and with a similar  angle of view,  we would like to share it on our website, please get in touch. Of particular interest are scenes that have changed dramatically over the years and those which look the same today as they did 100 years ago.


Follow the links to see the photographs


Market Place looking west  link to Market Place photos

Newbegin             link to Newbegin photos 

 Bull Ring         link Bull Ring looking towards Market Place