The Pygmy House

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Chambers Lane - Harrison's Conservatory (for pygmies)from Brandesburton Hall

The ‘Pygmy House’ last seen on Chambers Lane, it is said that this structure came from Brandsburton Hall and was once used in association with the pygmies who once stayed at the hall. If you know anything about this please let us know, was it really from Brandsburton. Hall, did the pygmies really live in this structure?

F2 Pigmy House

Extract from he BBC news in 2013 celebrating 100 years since the pygmies visited East Yorkshire


”The extraordinary story of how a group of African Pygmies came to spend time on an East Yorkshire estate more than 100 years ago has been told by a county archive celebrating its 60th anniversary. The East Riding public archive recently tweeted a picture of the Pygmies’ little-known visit to Edwardian England.

Colonel James Harrison of Brandesburton Hall, in East Yorkshire, was a soldier, traveller and big game hunter.

While travelling through the Congo River basin in 1904 he met the indigenous Pygmy tribe of the Ituri Forest.

Colonel Harrison apparently saw nothing unusual in arranging for a group of six “little pygmie friends” all between 3ft 10in (1.2m) and 4ft 5in (1.4m) to be brought back to England with him.

The group spent 30 months in England appearing at the London Hippodrome, Olympia and the House of Commons, said Ian Mason, archives manager for the East Riding Archive.”

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