The Civic Society are developing ideas for projects that meet the Society’s objective of improving the local environment.

Our Fair Place Project which took a neglected area of land  adjacent to the mere and created a public amenity is a recent example of such a project.

We aim to do more of this type of project.

We  also are keen to stimulate  public interest in  and care for the beauty, history and character of the town and its surroundings. out two new projects, Then and Now along with Fragments of the Past,  we hope will help towards this objective.

Have a look at the links below to see what we have been up to.

Fair Place

info board installation

During 2017 the Hornsea Civic Society rescued a neglected corner of Hornsea to provide a great amenity for local people  and visitors to the town. Have a look and see what some real hard work and £8,000 from Tesco can achieve. Click on the link

Link to Fair Place Fair Place

Then and Now.

At the 2017 Hornsea Carnival we included in our display some historical photos of Hornsea  alongside some current views of the same area. Many visitors were fascinated to compare changes which had occurred over the years and things which looked the same today.

Fragments of the Past

As time passes memories fade and things are lost. We think that there are some things which are very special as they connect us to a past which was so much different to today but are a real tangible connection to that time long ago. The cupola from the Granville Hotel shown above is one of these. We call these things  Fragments of the Past and we are featuring three as projects, The Hornsea Pygmy House, the Imperial Hydro Hotel  and the pier. One of those is almost complete, one we fear is lost and one we might be able to capture with your help. Click the link to have a look  ..

Link to Fragments of the Past