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railway carriage


Hornsea Civic Society given rare treat to tour Hidden Railway Carriage

Whilst the railway was running to Hornsea some people took advantage of the sale of redundant railway carriages, that were transported by rail to Hornsea Station, where they were lifted off their wheels and transported not too far from the station, to become homes by the sea.

You may not realise from the outside of a residence not far from today’s Station Court, that this had been a carriage, due to its cladding, but here sits carriage number 163 originally built in 1888. Still owned and used today by the same family.

Carefully looked after, the carriage is mostly in its original condition, and as with all carriages of the time, each piece of wood still carries its number 163.                          Owner Andy Ferguson allowed Alan Tharratt Chairman, a rare opportunity to look around inside and take photos of this piece of History.                                                            Alan was delighted to have been given the opportunity and permission to share these pictures.