Fragments of the Past

This is a new project, we are on the lookout for fragments of Hornsea’s history that may be lost unless we capture them.

There are still some important fragments which we know exist and some we are not sure about. These fragments connect today to a very different time long gone and maybe slipping away.

There are currently three important or interesting points in history which we are exploring. There are other’s that we have yet to discover.

The Pygmy House 

The Pygmy House  was last seen in Chambers Lane and connects Hornsea to the rather odd affair of the Bransburton Hall Pygmies. Did Pygmies realy live there?. Click the link to see more.

Link to The Pygmy House

Granville Court Hotel.

Was a Grand Hotel and when it was built in 1913 was called the Imperial Hydro Hotel accommodating 150 people with a Palm Court, Turkish and Russian Baths along with an indoor sea water swimming pool. Demolished after a fire the hotel  could have all gone except for the name which lingers on in the Granville Court Care Home Esplanade. We know a fragment still exists, the Cupola which was the  pinnacle of the hotel tower was seen in a local builders merchant quite recently but now has vanished. We would love to know here it is and have a record for future generations of this link to a very different time in Hornsea’s history.

Where’s the cupola? if you have any ideas please let us know. Click the link to see more

Link to Granville Court Hotel

Hornsea Pier

 Hornsea Pier  came in a storm of controversy  and quickly went in a storm of the more usual sort. Parts survive today, if you know where to look. We know where there’s a bench from the pier, the main gates, which are still in us,e and probably some of the wooden bits,  pictures to follow